The Showboat Motel & Restaurant

3434 Plum Point Rd S, Himrod, NY 14842, United States - Google location-show map

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The Showboat Motel opened in 1958, starting first with the creekside building, constructed to resemble an early 20th century showboat. The idea to build a motel reminscent of a Showboat came from Norma Broome. Norma and Harold Broome met in New York City where Norma worked as a Rockette. Listed on her resume was her performance in the Broadway production titled "Showboat". Norma and Harold were originally residents of Webster NY, a suburb of Rochester. Having seen the beautiful and tranquil serenity of the Finger Lakes area, it was only a matter of time until Harold and Norma left the big city.

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10.1 mile. from Airport

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